Tuesday, May 08, 2012

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bronx Changes

There have been quite a few changes in the Bronx. All bad news to diner fans

East Bay Diner has been gutted
Tibbitt Diner had a fire

In Brooklyn
Miss Williamsburg Diner in Williamsburg has a fire.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

21st Century Disappearances

In editing directories and writing the "Diners of New York" book with Mario Monti, I've come to realize just how many diners have been demolished or moved.

If I miss any diners, please make a comment!

Cheyenne Diner 411 9th Ave - to be moved soon
Munson Diner 600 49th St - moved to Liberty, NY
Moondance Diner 80 6th Ave - moved to Wyoming
Sam Chinita 176 8th Ave- demolished
River Diner 452 11th Ave

SunLite Diner 3914 Queens Blvd
Olympic Garden 7906 Broadway
Waterview Diner 16330 Cross Bay Blvd
Saravan Diner 14601 Northern Blvd
Deerhead Diner 9313 Astoria Blvd
Hilltop Coach 16402 Union Tpke
Sunset Diner 11611 Beach Channel Dr

Petrino Diner 8430 New Utrecht
Tiffany Diner 9904 4th Ave
Sheepshead Bay Diner 3165 Emmons Ave
Seaview Diner 2136 Rockaway Pky
2nd Ave Diner 670 2nd Ave
Foursome Diner - demolished chain drug
Royal Palace Diner 1601 Utica Ave

Staten Island
Country Club Diner 2270 Clove Road

Nassau County
Plaza Diner 406 S Oyster Bay Rd - drug store
Mirage Diner 1350 Wantagh
Atlantic Diner 111 Main St - bank

Suffolk County
Hi-Lite Diner Huntington - was about to demolished in April
Expressway Diner 666 Motor Parkway Hauppauge

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Diner or No Diner - Long Island Version

I didn't feel like making a new blog, so I'm usurping this blog for a moment to play "Diner or No Diner" the game where we don't know the answer, but look for exper opinions on wether or not these diners are factory built, or just imitation diners. I can tell you that the Dix Hills and the Plainview diners do not have tags. The rest, I did not enter.

First we have the Dix Hills Diner to the left.

Next we have

an un-named diner that is

located in Elmont just East

of the Stop 20 Diner

This is the Turnpike Diner on the
Hempstead Turnpike

This is Mama Leonora's Restuarant which is just off of the Sunrise Hgy near Exit 53 and Patchogue.

This possible diner is a Chinese Restaurant known as the Golden Chopsticks up in
Rocky Point

It is located right next to the Rocky Point
Townhouse Diner

This is the Plainview Diner. It is located on
Old Country Road.

So, now that you have seen these six diners. Please make your comments on whether you think these are ... "Diner ... or no Diner"

I have one more to add to this game, but my scanner is not working, so it will have to wait for the bonus round. =]

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome to NYC Diners - Past and Present

This Blogger will make it easier for anyone checking out my documentation attempt of diners in New York City. Feel free to comment about any diners you remember, any diners that you have visited, that I do not have listed, or anything else relevant to the topic.

I will do my best to post once every other month, at the least, to keep people aware of any updates to the pages. Future projects could include Nassau and Suffolk Counties to the east and Westchester County to the north. If you are interested in helping out with this part, please leave a message.

-Mike Engle